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Large Commercial Tents

Promotional Design Group

The Premiere Builder of Tents & Canopies

Reason why you should consider Promotional Design Group as your Company of Choice

Since 1984 Promotional Design Group has emerged as the premiere builder of Large Commercial Tents and Canopies in the Industry.  We have successfully designed thousands of custom tents and canopies with and without graphics for many clients worldwide. Our state of the art Digital Printers, Automated Vinyl Cutters, R. F. Welders and Silk Screening Equipment combined with an eclectic staff of skilled craftsmen with over 40 years of combined experience, has given us the edge over all our competition.

Manufacturer of Large Tents

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20 x 20 Tent - Blue and White Striped
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  40' by 80' White Tent with Window Sidewalls (front view) 40' by 80' White Tent with Window Sidewalls (side view)
  Commecial tent 40x140 Tent 40' wide by 140' long
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Tent Manufacturer

PDG is always striving to find and offer the best materials for the development and construction of Tents and Canopies.  Our conviction to excellence has given us the latitude to offer a Two Year Warranty on tent and canopy tops and a lifetime warranty on our aluminum framework that is unparalleled, a testament to our confidence in our quality and longevity.

Tent Top- The materials we offer are the best in the Tent and Canopy Industry.  We prefer to provide a material that will substantially benefit the end user, even though we pay a much higher price for our materials.  Higher grade materials equates to longer life and more durable Tents and Canopies.

Frame Work - Two Inch anodized aluminum tubing is used on all Tent and Canopy Frames.  Two Inch aluminum tubing provides a much more durable and sturdy frame that can resists high winds without bending. Most Tent and Canopy Manufacturers and Distributors normally supply One Inch aluminum poles for 10x10 and 20x20 tents and canopies.

Fittings - All fittings are galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion.  Fittings are also designed to facilitate the installation.

Carrying Bags - Supplied for tent cover, Fittings and for Fastener Pins (Three bags in all).

Optional Carrying Bag for Poles is available for an additional $250 for tent and canopy 10x10 poles.  The Carrying bag is foam patted and a Cordura Base Fabric is used.

Tents and Canopies are tailored to exact specifications.  From concept to completion, Promotional Design Group will undoubtedly meet your design needs or challenge new horizons and custom design a signature style tent or canopy that is just right for you.  Your customized tent or canopy will produce a spectacular and visually stunning impression wherever displayed.

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